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Jordan High School Community Council Meeting
Wednesday, January 8, 2020
6:00 p.m. - Centennial Room

1) Welcome                                                                                Amy Bryant

Members Present: Wendy Dau, Troy Tait, Marian Gladbach, Tom Sorensen, Chris
Gaardner, Pamela Loveridge, Denice Hyer, Rebekah Cowdell, Amy Bryant, Melissa
Baker Angelaa Robinson, Natalie Parker, Robyn Davidson, Jenifer Jolley

2) Review of Minutes from November Meeting                   Amy Bryant

Motion to approve minutes: Rebekah Cowdell
2nd: Chris Gardner
All in Favor

3) Budget Overviews                                                                Wendy Dau
a) Land Trust
160k in TSSA
80k over budget – think about what to use money for.
Wendy will bring a list of ideas next meeting..
ALS Person – originally 30 and Wendy is paying for the other 10 for her to be 40.
– Consider using this money for this person to stay 40 hours.
● Clothing Closet Question – Is being restocked every week by several people in
            the community.
● ALS Person – 1 evening a week to open Clothing Closet for families to come in
            the evening.
● Washer and dryer were donated.
● Bring donations to office any time during the school day.
● Increasing Salary of Para-professionals – Who can the community talk to in
   order to get an increase.
○ Write all of the school board members!! All of the time!
b) Teacher Student Success Plan (TSSP Money)
c) Cell Tower – 43,000 Paying for office aides and teacher conferences.
4) Utah School Report Card Data                                             Wendy Dau
● Achievement rating is typical
● Grade C
● Below District Average
● Growth is very good.
● Increased in ELA, and Math
● Science not as great because students are tested on all subjects even if they
   haven’t taken the class yet.
● Only 9th and 10th Grade Students take Tests.
● Disaggregated the data and discussed the percentages.
● Asian students at Jordan come from an impoverished background, not what
   most people think of when thinking of typical Asian students.
● Students with disabilities are being compared to other students with
   disabilities across the state.
● Growth in lowest 25% is 65%.
● 50 in growth show 1 year of growth.
● EL Progress – Developing – Making Adequate Progress
● Adequate Progress is
● English Language Learner (ELL) wida
● 59% EL students made progress
● 5% reaching proficiency – Reaching proficiency is at a level 5.
● Post Secondary Readiness – Typical
● 121/225 – Grade Typical – C —127 is Mark to be a B.
● Similar Schools – Hillcrest – 122, Copper Hills – 105, Corner Canyon – 132,
   Alta – B, Brighton 134, Murray 117, Provo -104, Herriman – F school.
● Moving in the right directions – using resources appropriately.
● Secondary Math 2 – Everyday for non -honors classes.
● Looking at hiring an additional EL teacher.
5) Registration & Counseling Information                             Melissa Baker
● Arena Scheduling Opens this weekend. – Friday and closes before school
● Registration for next school year starts in February
● Going to Middle schools the week of Digger Fair.
● Digger Fair – 2 Sessions – 6-7 Incoming Freshmen —
● Different locations for programs – Parents and students can go around and
   ask questions.
● Session 7-8 for 10-12th – 3 Specific Sessions they can go to. – That
   department would discuss programs in that department.
● CTEC has their own open house.
● CTEC Open House is the 29th
● Registration process will remain the same.
● Adjusting cards a little.
● AP Study Hall – Only Requirement is 1 AP or CE class.
● Not similar to APP at Hillcrest.
● ACT changes – Starting September 2020 – students can retake individual
   tests – all online.
● 4 Fee-Waived now
● Scores will be super scored. – Works for students back to 2016.
6) Upcoming Assemblies & Events                                        Wendy Dau
a) Collin Kartchner & Social Media on Jan. 10th
i) Double Assembly this Friday.
b) Every Brilliant Thing on January 30th
i) Utah Shakespeare Festival coming to Jordan High.
ii) Main Characters mother commits suicide – premise
c) Digger Fair on February 5th
7) Schedule Possibilities                                                         Wendy Dau
a) One Lunch for Next School Year– discussion
i) Student Attendance Issue
ii) Mock Schedule will be brought to the next meeting – prob by Ryan
iii) Enough space – Purchase seating for commons and throughout the
b) Uniform High School Schedule
● Not sure if it will ever happen.
● Possibly looking at alternate schedules that would work best for Jordan High.
● Jordan High should have a program that draws students to attend the school.
● Second Reading will happen in a couple weeks.
8) School Safety Updates                                                        Wendy Dau
● Completed Fire Drill on Tuesday,
● Completed Lock down drill
● Sandy City Fire is coming to administer Stop the Bleed Training – February 20th
● Cost 10k to get Sandy Fire appropriate first aid kids.
● Have added additional AED machines on campus.
9) Next SCC Meeting Change:
a) Either change the meeting time to 4:00 p.m. for February 5th or change to
     February 12th and keep it at 6:00 p.m.
b) Meeting change is required due to the Digger Fair
     Motion to change meeting in February to February 12 by: Pamela Loveridge
     Second: Angelaa Robinson
     All in Favor
10) Next SCC Meeting Agenda Items:
a) School Improvement Plan
b) Teacher & Student Success Plan
c) Trust Lands Plan
d) Mid-year progress data for Secondary Math 1, Math Inventory, Reading
     Inventory, WIDA progress monitoring
Motion to Adjourn: Chris Gardner
2nd: Sheri Tait
All in Favor 
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