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Jordan High School Community Council Agenda Wednesday, November 6, 2019 6:00 p.m. Centennial Room

1)     Welcome                                                                                 Amy Bryant

Members Present: Amy Bryant, Laurel Harris, Scott Lloyd, Jennifer Jolley, Denice Hyer, Roger Pinnock, Bryn Cook, Dina Kohler, Chris Gardner, Pam Loveridge, Robyn Davidson, Angela Robinson, Teashia Stennet – Guest, Melissa Baker, Rebekah Cowdell, Troy Tait, Sheri Tait

2)     Approval of October Meeting Minutes                                 Amy Bryant
Motion to Approve Minutes: Melissa Baker and Rebekah Cowdell 2nds. All in favor

3)     Trust Lands Report for 2019-2020                                        Wendy Dau

●    2017 – 2018 Thought larger carryover – Accounting in district isn’t as up to          date

●    Distribution 219,000 last year

●    Total available 225,000 , spent 142,000 – Used for Teachers, Reading aides

●    Textbooks – Read 180 – Cost 70,000 last year to run read 180 –

○    Spent 23,000 because invoice hit school before July 1st and had to
      use other funds

●    Payroll – $142,000 which is a lot less than expected.

○    $51,000 was then spent on chromebook carts, headphones for
       Read 180

●    $7,000 carryover

●    Moved Graduation Rate from 89% to 91%

●    Increase the number of students who are proficient in Reading – increased          by 10%

●    Highest level of students who are proficient – 67% – current

●    Some students have increased over 2 grade levels – 200 Lexile points

●    70% Proficient in Reading – baseline score

●    MTSS Specialist – Social Worker person that is paid for out of our plan

●    Funding Change – Read 180 Licenses

4)     Budgets 2019-2020                                                                 Wendy Dau

a)       Trust Lands

i)         $247,560 what we have to spend – spending about $16,000 a                         month

ii)         Almost everything is going to personnel – Math Teachers,
            Read 180 aides, reading teachers, AVID Teachers, English
            Language Development Teachers

b)       TSSA – Teacher Student Success Act
A little over $200,000 – Paying for same as Trust Lands – ELD Teacher who

c)       Cell Tower

i)         $44,000 received each year

ii)         Substitutes for teacher PD is paid out of cell tower fund

iii)         Library Aide – To help keep Library hours more flexible

iv)         Attendance Office aide

5)     School Safety                                                             Dina Kohler & Wendy Dau

●    Jordan High School Safe School Committee – First Year ever

●    First Meeting was a month ago – Parents, Teachers, Students and School             Resource Officer

●    Students offered great ideas

●    Parents were able to share things that their students talked to them about

●    Lock Down Drill – November

●    Teachers received a script and checklist on how to prepare students for
       lock down drill

●    Had teachers discuss where in the room they would consider to be a safe           place

●    Teachers have reported needs to help improve the safety of their

●    DIR-S App – New District locator and communication tool

●    2nd Committee Meeting – End of month – discuss the drill –

●    Teachers need to be aware of what to do when they have a class in the                 library.

●    Incident Command Manual – List of steps to take for each type of incident

●    South Towne Expo Center – Reunification point.

●    Ideas on what you want your kids to do if you are in communication with             them – If they can get out and get home etc.

●    First Aid Kits for every classroom– we are working with Sandy Fire to get a          grant.

●    Suggestion from an SCC member to do a Live Action Drill –
      Best experience – Draper Park Middle – Train with Police and Fire –
      Just Faculty

6)     Digital Citizenship and Safety Plan                                   Laurel Harris

●    Utah Online Digital Library

○    Assist students with homework

○    Helps students write papers – Uses peer reviewed sources

○    ACT prep available

●    Content Filters – Elementary blocked heavier than middle heavier than                  High School

●    Safe Search – Looking for pictures

●    All kids are required to sign safe use policy

●    LanSchool – Allows teachers to see what every student is doing.

●    10 Desktop Labs

●    42 Chromebook Labs

●    7 Mini Ipad Labs

●    31 Wifi Hotspots

●    More than 35 Chromebooks to check out

●    Wifi Hotspots and Chromebooks available for students who don’t have                 internet at home – can be checked out for a semester at a time.

●    Adobe Creative Cloud – New Applications available to students

●    Netsafe and Common Sense – Teaching Lessons for Teachers – Ones for             parents – Video Clip that are age appropriate – help kids be safer on                       technology

●    Wendy will send links in weekly emails.

● – Library Page

●    Students need to know that if a student posts things on social media on a          weekend they can still receive a consequence at school

●    Help students stop posting personal information on social media

●    Cell Phone Policy – State Law – School wide cell phone policy

○    Jordan High – Cell phones should not be used during instructional                   time.

○    Teachers should not be taking students phones without the parent’s             permission

○    Teachers have purchased cell phone jail.

○    Teachers establish protocols; students who refuse to follow protocols          will be given an office referral for refusing to comply with teacher                  protocols.

●    Social Media Assembly – January 10th w/ Collin Kartchner

7)     Data Share:

a)       Baseline Math and Reading Data                               Wendy Dau

i)         Secondary Math 1 Qtr 1 Grade Comparison – 2019 to 2020

(1)  A’s Up, B’s Up, C’s Down, D’s Down, and F’s down

(2)  Survey being created about how kids are feeling about math

(3)  District – Help fund fte for math everyday Secondary Math 2
       for next year.

ii)         Reading Baseline – All students 65% are proficient

(1)  Spring to Fall – seniors exit and new freshmen

(2)  71% of students who are not in reading are proficient

(3)  Always start at 55-57 percent and already at 65%.


b)       AP Data                                                                       Wendy Dau
           Not received information comparing high schools

c)       ACT Data                                                                    Wendy Dau

i)         Scores are consistent over the years

ii)        Students who take 4 years of math, science, social studies, ela                        perform significantly better than those students who opt out of
            the more rigorous classes

iii)       2 to 3 points higher if they are taking more rigorous classes.

iv)       Help Needed – Communicate to community that we want
            students in full schedules all four years that are rigorous.

v)        ACT has changed rules

(1)  Can take individual subject tests

(2)  Last year to only offer Paper Pencil

(3)  Can take ACT online next year

vi)       University of Utah – ACT Prep being offered here at Jordan in the

8)     Counseling Department Update                                     Melissa Baker

●    AP Registration – Register by Sunday at Midnight – Late fee $40.

●    Counselors in 10th Grade Classes – Stress Management Lessons

●    Social Workers – Quick 10 minute follow up lesson with them next week

●    Junior CCR’s Start after Thanksgiving – Parents welcome – Letters will be            coming.

●    Deficiency Notices – Going out in the next week

●    Night School has started

9)     Parent Nights                                                                   Melissa Baker & Wendy Dau

a)       Vaping Prevention – Next Wednesday November 13 in Auditorium at 7

i)         Parents and students are welcome

ii)         Opened to the district – Get There Early

b)       Social Media – January 10th

c)       Depression & Suicide– January 29th

i)         In Theatre Classes

ii)         Evening programs

iii)         Every Brilliant Thing


10) Graduation Rate – Comparison to other high schools.

a) We are AWESOME!

11) Action Items :

a) Wendy will send Sites – Common Sense and Netsafe in weekly emails.

12) Motion To Adjourn: Angela Robinson
      Second: Pam Loveridge
      All in Favor

13) Next Meeting:              Wednesday, January 8, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m.

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