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Jordan High School
School Community Council Meeting Wednesday, April 12, 2023
JHS Centennial Room


Wendell Ashby – present
Trudy Barnes – present
James Barron – present
Terri Culberson – present
Patrick Doyle – absent
Daniel Herzog – present
Jennifer Hilton – present
Heather Isbell – present
Jason Long – present
Kimberlee Montoya – present
Jessica Stowe – present
Aimee Wagner – absent
Dr. Bruce Eschler – excused
Amy Bryant – excused
Jen Coccimiglio – excused
Bryn Cook – excused
Beki Cowdell – excused
Heather Isbell will run the meeting in their stead.
Brandie Kafentzis – excused


Notes & Agenda

1.   Welcome                                                                                                 Rebekah Cowdell (Heather Isbell)
       ● Rebekah Cowdell is excused. Heather Isbell will run the SCC meeting.

2.   Review and Approval of March Meeting Minutes                             Rebekah Cowdell (Heather Isbell)
       ● Motion to approve by JH, seconded by JS

3.   Review/Updates:                                                                                   Jason Long
                Marquee approved
                Parent Square notification for surveys, data season
       ● Budgets-FTE update, counselor April Sagala to move to Brighton as Admin
       ● Data Review
       ● Land Trust Plan-projected data accurate,
       ● TSSP (Teacher Student Success Plan)-may have extra money

4.   Counseling Center Updates
       ● Step2theU-32 students and parents attended Welcome on Monday night, a pilot program this year
       ● Preparing for graduation, senior deficiency letters

5.   Other Items
       ● Questions about Honor Cords from DH?
              ○ Who sets the parameters?
              ○ How can we better educate Juniors more efficiently about requirements?
                 Specifically, ACT score?
                    ■ What kind of grid chart could we develop and make it available?
              ○ Website
                    ■ Are we making updates?
              ○ Did Larry Miller attend Jordan High?
                    ■     If so, community outreach.
       ● Emails about overdue books?
              ○     Multiple emails. Can we fix this somehow?

6.   Adjourn
Next Meeting: May 3, 2023

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