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Jordan High School Community Council Meeting

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Tech Atrium

1. Welcome & Introductions:                                         Rebekah Cowdell SCC Chair

2. Review and Approval of September Meeting Minutes

     a. Jen Coccimiglio motions to approve, Trudy Barnes seconds the motion

○ Passes Unanimously

3. Review/Updates: Dr. Eschler

     a. Budgets

          ● Dr. Eschler reports that budgets look as they should. Currently, all funds are being allocated to staffing. However, we are still looking for:

               ○ 17 Hour 504 Aide

               ○ (2) 27.5 Hour ML Instructional Aides

          ● If we cannot fill those positions, we may have some extra money to allocate at a later meeting.

     b. Data Review

          ● No Data Review today because of the other 3 plans we will be reviewing tonight (Safety, Digital Citizenship, PBIS)

     c. Land Trust Plan

     d. TSSP (Teacher Student Success Plan)

4. Digital Citizenship           Michelle Hakkarinen

     ● District provides a package of lessons of which we teach at least 3. District would like Oct 16, 17, 18. Plan is to do these as announcements.

     ● Furthermore, we will take the lessons and do one each month. Michelle has uploaded the lessons to canvas in 15 minute increments. These will be taught during APP class on either a Mon or Thu, which are the days that students do not rotate.

     ● Parents asked if they could view them. Yes, if they are an observer for Canvas.

     ● Dr. Eschler filled out the Action Plan on Dashboard.

               ○ All answers from SCC were “yes”

     ● James asked about the order of the lessons:

               ○ Michelle went over the objectives of each lesson, and asked if the order should be altered?

     ● Rachael asked how the lessons go? Are they effective? Are students receptive?

               ○ Dr. Eschler explained that having the time to dedicate to this subject is definitely worth it. Administration agrees that the lessons are useful, but we could always do more.

               ○ Amy, as a parent, likes that it reinforces messaging from home. 5. Safety

5. Safety Plan           Roberto Jimenez

     ● District has adopted the Standard Response Protocol. This is to establish a common vocabulary.

               ○ HOLD

               ○ SECURE

               ○ LOCKDOWN

               ○ EVACUATE

                    ■ Amy asked about the reunification points and if there would be busing? Also, what if students leave on their own via personal vehicles, etc?

                    ● 1st priority is to be safe, so students would then communicate with their own parents.

                ○ SHELTER

     ● District has applied for a grant to upgrade the following:

          ○ District is also working on an upgraded badge entry system so that, for example, Law Enforcement could enter at any time.

          ○ District is also adding up to 4 new cameras (pending a grant) to help us see areas that we don’t have great cameras

          ○ Install a new paging system that has emergency alerts/protocols integrated within.

          ○ Badge printers are coming for visitors.

     ● Office staff is trained for emergencies as well as School Safety Advocates (Hall Monitors)

     ● Questions?

          ○ What is the top concern right now?

               ■ Mr. Jimenez believes it is internal safety, including day to day interpersonal interactions between students and even adults/students.

          ○ Krystal asked if any live shooting drills are on the docket

              ■ No. But there are new videos the district has provided training videos.

          ○ Patrick asks about our type of camera system?

               ■ We are using Milestone.

          ○ Jen asks about when parents enter, can we have better signage for visitors to check-in?

               ■ The secure vestibule solves this problem. However, what can we do in the meantime?

     ● We do have a good view from offices of what is going on. We can see the front of the school. We will also look at providing better signage for visitors.

     ● Dr. Eschler is going to continue to advocate for a secure vestibule.

     ● Vape Sensors

          ○ We have money to put in the HALO system; however, the district said no, for now. The district would like to pilot another system first which is a dual sensor system.

               ■ Matthew asked what the punishment is for vaping?

     ● THC = law enforcement referral & suspension

     ● Non THC = a fine & phone call home.

               ■ Jen asked how common are vaping problems?

     ● Constant

                 ■ James asked about the SafeUT app?

     ● Could we have a more localized system that may promote students to use it more proactively?

          ○ Some members disagree and like using the SafeUT app.

     ● Jenifer asked if a SafeUT tip is enough to search a student?

           ○ Yes.

     ● Dr. Eschler asked the Safety Plan Questions

          ○ Answers were “Yes”.

          ○ Areas of need and focus were added as well

          ○ Jen commented that it was interesting to her that “mental health” was cited as a major issue at our SCC training

               ■ Dr. Eschler responds and confirms that it is a major concern. Positive relationships are very important. We are lucky to have 2 Social Workers at Jordan High.

     ○ Patrick asked if the 3-4 new cameras are in addition to what we have? Or are we doing all new cameras.

6. PBIS Plan

     ● Jordan High has H.E.A.R.T.

          ○ Students can earn PBIS Rewards by showing H.E.A.R.T.

          ○ Lessons are taught during APP about how Beetdiggers can show H.E.A.R.T.

          ○ Student Gov, PLT, NHS, LIA, Captain’s Academy, PTSA are all groups that

7. Counseling Center Updates Counselor Laura Wohlfort

     ● Utah College Application Week (UCAW)

         ○ College Applications

                ■ Free Applications during October ○ Scholarship Applications ○ FAFSA, opens in December

               ■ FAFSA night is in January

     ● Senior CCRs are next week

     ● Junior CCRs are around Thanksgiving

8. Other Items:

     ● Followup discussion on parent advocacy for JHS

          ○ Table until the November meeting.

               ■ Naval JROTC is officially approved and the district will pay for it and promote it for the coming school year.

9. Adjourn

     ● Trudy motions to adjourn, Brandie seconds

          ○ Unanimously voted adjourn

Next Meeting: November 1, 2023

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