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Jordan High School
School Community Council Meeting
Wednesday, October 5, 2022 – 6:00 PM
JHS Tech Atrium


Dr. Bruce Eschler – present
Jason Long – present
Kimberlee Montoya – present
Trudy Barnes – present
James Barron – present (late because of Mt. Jordan SCC being at 5pm)
Jen Coccimiglio – present
Amy Bryant – present
Beki Cowdell – present
Terri Culberson – present
Daniel Herzog – present
Jennifer Hilton – present
Heather Isbell – present
Michelle Hakkarinen – present, guest presenter

Wendell Ashby – excused
Bryn Cook – excused
Patrick Doyle – excused
Brandie Kafentzis – absent
Jessica Stowe – absent
Aimee Wagner – excused


Notes & Agenda
1. Welcome SCC Chair – Rebekah Cowdell
2. Review and Approval of September Meeting Minutes – Rebekah Cowdell
     ●     DH motions to approve, seconded by CI
          ○     Unanimous approve
3. Budgets – Dr. Eschler
     ●     DH asked about the computer budget errors
4. Data Review – Dr. Eschler
     ●     We know our school grade but are not allowed to share until later
          ○     At the next meeting we should be able to share and review this data
     ●     We did not get the responses desired for our data
5. Land Trust Plan –  Dr. Eschler
     ●     Land Trust = $266,012.53
          ○     Most going to additional teachers
          ○     $8,273.00 misallocated should be credited back to this budget eventually which puts the total at $274,285.53
6. TSSP (Teacher Student Success Plan) – Dr. Eschler
     ●     TSSA budget = $309,048.63
          ○     Around $6,000 error in our favor should correct us to just over $315,000 eventually
7. Digital Citizenship – Michelle Hakkarinen
     ●     State has asked that each district, at least once, our classrooms cover Digital Citizenship
     ●     District has decided to designate the week before Fall Break (3 Days)
          ○     This is not great because APP will be important for students to finalize their Q1 grades – The quarter ends on Oct 19
     ●     Instead, Dr. Eschler has approved that we do one lesson a month throughout the school year for each of the 8 lessons – once per month.
     ●     MH described the plan:
          ○     Filtering – State and the district
          ○     Student Education
               ■     Starting later in October – JHS will roll out 1 lesson per month
     ●     Will also be sent out through Parent Square
     ●     15 minute monthly lessons
          ○     MH asked SCC to consider the order of lessons
          ○     We had a discussion about the Content Keeper process
          ○     KM: Should we move “Hoaxes & Fakes” to later in the year and switch with “When is your Brain Ready for Social Media”
               ■     MH agrees that Dec. & Jan. should be flipped.
               ■     DH asked, “What if a student is absent?”
     ●     LInks will be sent out and students are held accountable with the APP grades and the points.
          ○     AB: “Who’s Looking at Your Digital Footprint?” is important in regards to college applications and job applications. Should we align with UCAW?
               ■     No change, but seniors should be reminded about this, however.
          ○     JC: The handout is very “cute”.
     ●     SCC Digital Citizenship Questions on Dashboard:
          ○     #1 – All Yes
          ○     #2 – All Yes
          ○     #3 – Discussion, arrived on – All Yes
     ●     AB motions to approve the Digital Citizenship Plan
          ○     Seconded by TB: All in favor.
8. Counseling Center Updates –  Ms. Montoya
    ●     Senior Bulletin Handout
          ○     All Applications free this month except BYU
          ○     School pays for one out-of-state or BYU application for each senior
9. Other Items
     a. SCC Bylaws
               ●     HI: brought to our attention that “PTA” should read “PTSA” (sec VIII.B.2.)
               ●     Review of clarifications and changes – these were also brought up in the SCC training.
                   ○     Dr. Eschler makes a motion to remove I.a. & I.b. and replace with the New Code from the district, and add an “S” to “PTA”
                       ■     Seconded by HI
     ●     Motion passes, All in favor
     ●     Update on ACT:
          ○     District is moving that to online.
          ○     Mrs. Kafentzis is working on creating a prep curriculum for JHS and the entire district.
               ■     Will prep look differently for taking pencil and paper versus online
     ●     Michelle Hakkarinen will send the materials that she has access to.
               ■     DH: How well is our after-school prep attended?
               ■     TB: Could we incorporate this into the Career portion of Driver’s Education courses?
     ●     Even just the test-taking strategies.
               ■     TC: Will we have an after-school class?
     ●     Yes, we plan to have it. Geared towards Juniors.
     ●     DH: Do we have an Athletics SCC liaison, similar to the member who reviews the content of performing arts, for example?
          ○     No. This has not necessarily been the purview of the SCC.
     ●     DH: Get out and vote for the School Board.
     ●     JC: a parent reached out with a concern on the tradition of D-Day for Homecoming
          ○     The concern is that it is so late at night, and potentially dangerous.
     ●     CI: PTSA plug
          ○     CSD must have 50 schools or 10,000 votes (members) to get a second vote at the PTSA board level.
               ■     We are at 43 schools and 7,000 members, we need to get membership. Please promote it to friends and family.
               ■     We will send it out on parents square if allowable. Dr. Eschler will find out and send it.
               ■     Can we send it to PeachJar? HI is going to ask Susan Edwards.
     ●     Parent Teacher Conference Feedback
          ○     Confirmation email – can it have the links or directions to go to the JHS website.
          ○     Feedback is that the classroom was fine and the virtual option is appreciated.

10. Adjourn
     ●     HI motions to adjourn the meeting.
          ○     AB seconds. All in favor.

Next Meeting: November 2, 2022



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