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Jordan High School Community Council Meeting

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Members and Attendance
Bruce Eschler – present
Trudy Barnes – present
James Barron – present
Rebecca Brown – present
Amy Bryant – present
Beki Cowdell – present
Terri Culberson – present
Rachael de Azevedo – present
Patrick Doyle – present
Daniel Herzog – present
Jennifer Hilton – present
Melissa Jones – present
Brandie Kafentzis – present
Jason Long – present
Jessica Stowe – present
Jen Coccimiglio – excused
Bryn Cook – excused
Krystal Hansen – excused

Centennial Room

1. Welcome & Introductions Rebekah Cowdell SCC Chair
2. Election Vice Chair Dr. Eschler
     a. Consideration of additional positions: Principal (Secretary, PTA Liaison, and school drama selection committee member)
● Amy Bryant nominates Patrick Doyle to be Vice Chair
     ○ Seconded by Patrick Doyle
     ○ Passes unanimously
● Brandie Kafentzis nominates Jason Long to be Secretary
     ○ Seconded by Trudy Barnes
     ○ Passes unanimously
● Daniel Herzog nominates Rachael de Azevedo to be PTA liaison
     ○ Seconded by Jennifer Hilton
     ○ Passes unanimously
● Dr. Eschler nominates Bryn Cook to be School Drama Selection Committee
     ○ Seconded by Patrick Doyle
     ○ Passes unanimously
3. Review SCC Roster Rebekah Cowdell
● Contact information sheet for School Website passed around for any updates
4. Review and Approval of May Meeting Minutes Rebekah Cowdell
● Amy Bryant motions to approve May 2023 minutes
     ○ Seconded by James Barron
     ○ Passes unanimously
5. Review/Updates: Dr. Eschler
     a. Budgets
● Land Trust allocation for this year is 253k with 24k carryover
● TSSA allocation for this year is 350k with 63k carryover
     ○ Dr. Eschler explained how expenses on staffing can fluctuate leading to a larger carryover
     ○ Carryover will be spent on teaching needs such as 7th periods, after school tutoring for Math and English, 504 Instructional Aide, ML instructional aides for core classes
     ○ Remainder of carry over sits at 27k (7k in TSSA, 20k in Land Trust)
     ○ James Barron asked about the role of a 504 Aide
     ○ Patrick Doyle asked about an overview of terms such as 504, ML, SPED, etc.
■ Dr. Eschler gave a brief overview of these terms
     ○ Many members had questions about the 504 process including administration, paperwork, services, testing accommodations, etc.
■ Some feel this position is a global need that perhaps the district could address.
● James Barron asked about Safety Advocates (Hall Monitors)
     ○ District has funded 3 full time positions. SCC is not currently funding this position.
b. Data Review
     ○ AP % of students passing tests are increasing
     ○ ML WIDA data showed growth last year for the first time in 4 years
     ○ ASPIRE data did drop
     ○ ACT has plateaued
     ○ Attendance data has plateaued
     ○ US News & World Report recognized JHS as a distinguished school
     ○ Jessica Stowe commented that 4A for UHSAA athletics has been a great changed
     ○ Amy Bryant asked about Region decision to charge for Volleyball
■ JHS will not charge for home Volleyball
     c. Land Trust Plan
     d. TSSP (Teacher Student Success Plan)
9. Counseling Center Updates Counselor
● Schedule changes are nearly over and the effect of having 1 fewer counselors from last year has been felt.
● Focus is now senior deficiencies
● FAFSA education
● College & Career Planning during ELA classes
10. Other Items:
a. SCC Meeting dates/schedule for the year
     ○ Contact information sheet for School Website passed around for any updates
     ○ 1st Wednesday of the month with the exception of April – Meeting will be on April
10. Meeting time is 5:30-7:30 PM in the Centennial Room
b. SCC Training Reminder
     ○ See email from Beki Cowdell
     ○ All member need to attend one of the training in the email
c. SCC Bylaws
     ○ Covered at the training
● Graduation thoughts?
     ○ Last year we were at 2:00 PM
     ○ Do we want to rotate this year?
■ 3 times are 9am, 2pm, 6:30 pm
     ○ SCC seems to think rotation is great because the pros and cons of each seem to balance and it comes down to personal preference.
● Parent Teacher Conferences
     ○ One Night Virtual / One Night In Person
     ○ SCC likes to keep it that way
● UofU has paused new students for Step2theU
     ○ This goes for Jordan and Alta
     ○ Students currently in Step2theU will continue to be able to participate in the program
     ○ This is a 1 year pause, for now, so it may come back.
● The Navy is here at Jordan High!
     ○ 2024-2025 JHS will have a Naval Cadet Program
     ○ Eventually this should become a JROTC program
● Teen Center Update
     ○ Demo is done. Construction is going well
● Canyons Transition Academy
     ○ As of last night, may not happen at Jordan High; the new location is likely
Crescent View. They are currently in the basement of the district office.
● Homecoming Week Update
     ○ Updates on events for Homecoming week
● 5 Year plan Update
     ○ The District and Board is committed to looking at what can be at Jordan.
     ○ Dr. Eschler encourages parents to pay attention and participate in Board
● Daniel Herzog shared an attendance matrix from the district
     ○ Rachael de Azevedo asked why students transfer?
■ Goes back to boundary changes as well as programs.
● SCC Discussion about how to advocate for JHS at Board meetings
     ○ Parent members discussed various ways such as attending, watching, speaking at board meetings
● Daniel Herzog motions to adjourn
     ○ Jennifer Hilton seconds
     ○ Passes unanimously
11. Adjourn

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Oct 4 – 5:30-7:30 PM @ JHS Centennial Room
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